Audience Intelligence

Make sense of the massive data that connects content makers with content consumers

Mine and sort privacy-compliant audience intel based on media consumption habits, content searches & subscriptions, social shares and comments, their favorite media personalities, interests, and other content preferences from a variety of cross-platform sources.

Deliverables range from a robust easy to use online-interface to highly customizable presentations. 

Content Intelligence & Analytics

Track the performance of your campaign across any digital platform

Understand how your audience reacts to video in the places where they spend most of their time and money. Access our AI-driven and modeled predictive analysis combined from social platforms & 1st + 3rd party data through ICX Media's APIs to plan your campaigns and messaging strategies.

Deliverables include our owned-and-operated analytics platform that features views and watch-time cut by specific audience segments and demographics like age and gender, social platform engagement metrics including likes, shares, comments, engagement rate, and proprietary metrics. 


Don’t bother building and activating your audience without it

Generated by AI-driven data science and content analytics that are ready to license, our Rich Profiles contain everything you need to build a primed customer base, ready to push for maximum engagement. Slice and dice your profiles based on markers like age, gender, demographics, location, soc-eco info, video metrics, and cues from Natural Language Processing.

Deliverables include an easy-to-ingest presentation of the profiles or the ability to access the data through an API that feeds directly to your DMP of choice.


Translate audience intelligence into intelligent action

Close the data & activation gap with high-performance pathways to engage audience segments with granular precision. Choose and then activate any audience group via any existing DSP through our strategic partnership with LiveRamp. Deploy media buys, co-branding opportunities, and data-driven storytelling.

Determine which DSP you’d like to activate upon, and be ready to execute at will. It’s as simple as that.


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