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Rich Profiles™ are the building blocks of our proprietary audiences

It starts with data and lots of it. We mine the data-verse that connects over 300 million Americans with over 11 million content creators—from vloggers to movie studios—across social media platforms, streaming services, OTT content, mobile, video & pre-roll, even linear TV via set-top box data. We do the work so you don’t have to.



Via Proprietary and Patent Pending Algorithms. Accurate key demographics include age, gender, location, marital status, ethnicity, income level, general interests, sentiment, affinities, topics/topics, videos viewed, etc.

Video metrics

Number of Views, Duration, Watch time, Shares, Likes/Dislikes, Paid CTR, Total reach—paid vs. organic—retention, engagement, Google and Facebook Ad tracking.

What's trending

Hot topics, detailed content preferences, genres & sub-genres, popular categories, and sub-categories. Everything you'd want to know: analyze what’s happening now and predict the next BIG thing.



We focus exclusively on 18+ adults. We then use proprietary AI-driven and modeled data science, natural language processing, and observed and inferred data points to sort the remaining population into richly nuanced profiles that include demographics, video metrics, and content preferences.

From the resulting 85 million Rich Profiles™ (and growing) we built over 5,000 different available audiences that are searchable, scalable, clearly identifiable, easy to segment further by age, gender, ethnicity, and location - and most importantly, easy to target and engage.



Gun Control Enthusiasts who live in a swing state and not registered to vote.


Fan-base of The Big Bang Theory sitcom who are currently subscribed to HULU and have an annual household income of $75K+. 


Residents of Dallas, TX that are excited about the state’s reopening of restaurants and are willing to dine-in with their families. 


Tik-Tok fans who follow Camila Cabello and Demi Lovato and are interested in live, virtual events.

Don’t bother activating your audiences without us

Audiences built from Rich Profiles™ make activation a breeze. Our pipeline is super handy when you’re in the process of creating new content, programming a YouTube channel, or working on customer conversion.


And because you get to decide how many audiences you wish to profile and eventually activate you can use our audience intelligence to execute research, derive customer insights, and forecast hot trends.

Once you’ve analyzed a pre-built audience or a custom-based one, we can facilitate audience activation in a matter of days.



DSP of choice

The results help our clients win pitches, create media plans, and excel in customer conversion.

Simply put, our Rich Profiles™ help clients close the data and activation gaps

Leading consumer brands, digital content providers, and decision makers spend months crafting content while spending top dollar to serve it up to their audiences. The problem is, if even just one of the stops on the people/brand loop that collects, analyzes, organizes, and acts on data is broken, your content falls flat.

ICX Media solves this by doing the data/audience intelligence and analytics leg work for you. So when you’re ready to go to market, or even when planning for it, our Rich Profiles™ and proprietary audiences are ready to fuel your re-branding, storytelling, ad crafting, media buying, co-branding, or any other form of decision-making you have to do. It‘s that simple.

Take a look at our services to see how our data can connect you with your fans, followers, and customers.

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