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By ICX Media - September 18, 2018

There are several factors propelling branded video content momentum: growing consumption of bite-sized content viewed on digital and social sites, cheaper mobile data costs, improved video capabilities by Facebook, YouTube and others. But the ultimate factor making video the format of choice – and investment -- for brand marketers, agencies and media firms is the insights.

Video is compelling for marketers of all kinds. For brand creatives, video enables emotional storytelling and provides a uniquely captivating medium through which to engage consumers. But for marketers, agency execs and media firms who demand strong ROI, the insights derived from the data generated via digital video are equally important. What are these insights and how do they take marketing to a whole new level?

Audience Analysis and Targeting

Digital video produces deep audience data, including information about viewer behavior and sentiments across social platforms. These audience insights allow brands to learn more about existing viewers and true fans -- and even discover what else those engaged audiences are watching on social.

Smart Media Measurement and Management

When brands, agencies, and media firms work with ICX Media to measure, manage and streamline branded video distribution across social channels, their video performance metrics – whether from videos on YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook – can be tracked, aggregated and viewed in one comprehensive report.

Learn and Optimize

ROI-obsessed marketers and creatives alike want to make sure their video storytelling resonates with audiences, and with insights derived from video data, they can understand what is trending with audiences and what isn’t. ICX Media applies machine learning to video data to provide tips and actionable recommendations that improve and optimize video engagement and inspire new video concepts.

Uncover Content Opportunities

Machine learning and smart analysis can uncover a treasure chest of insights through video data, revealing unfulfilled content opportunities, untapped audiences and informing future video concepts. Plus, these insights can help marketers and media firms find the best-aligned and brand-safe talent for their upcoming projects.

To learn more about the revolution happening with branded video content, download our industry report.

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