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By Michael Avon, CEO & Founder - April 02, 2018

Welcome to the team

We are continuing to grow our team here at ICX Media. Today, I am excited to announce that we have hired Danielle Taricco as our new Head of Marketing. Danielle has had a successful career leading brand and strategic marketing for leading consumer and business-to-business brands in the Washington DC area such as AOL and Custom Ink. She also worked at two boutique advertising agencies and ran her own marketing consulting firm over the course of her career. In her various roles, Danielle has led communications and branding initiatives, directed customer acquisition efforts, enterprise sales support programs and overall strategic marketing efforts for a variety of top brands across multiple industries. Her background and skillset are a perfect fit for ICX Media as we ramp up our enterprise sales efforts to brands, agencies and media and entertainment companies as well as our creator acquisition efforts in 2018 and beyond.

Danielle has been working with ICX Media since late 2017 as a consultant and recently joined the team full time to lead all aspects of marketing for us. She reports directly to President and COO Scott Bowen, who joined ICX Media in January to build out the company’s go-to-market capabilities. You should expect to see additional sales and marketing hires over the course of 2018 as we scale up our go-to-market team.

We couldn’t be more excited to welcome someone of Danielle’s caliber to our fast-growing team. Over the past few months during which I have had the opportunity to work with Danielle and get to know her, I have been incredibly impressed with her insights and passion about our business. Danielle is a person who lives and breathes the concept of “Data Inspired Storytelling” everyday here at ICX Media as she endeavors to tell the story of our powerful platform and service capabilities to video creators, brands and media companies.

Welcome to the team Danielle!

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