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By ICX Media - May 10, 2018 You don't need to re-invent the wheel for successful video

Creating captivating and high-performing video content is no easy task, but imagine if your most successful videos continued to reap rewards! The smartest brands make sure their videos do just that. Rather than using a video for a singular purpose one time then forgetting about it, they find ways to repurpose their best work into the fresh content audiences crave. Here’s how they do it.

Create Social Offshoots

Perhaps the simplest way to make more of your videos is by turning them into bite-sized clips and other short pieces of content:

  • Create a teaser clip to inspire people to watch the full video

  • Post shorter clips that focus on a particular component of a video to Facebook

  • Produce gifs with pithy captions for posting on Instagram or Twitter

Make a Sequel or Go Deep

While creating a “Part Two” of that successful video may seem like the same amount of work as developing an entirely new video concept, if you’ve done the original research, have a partnership with a creator or received feedback from your audience, you may already have much of what you need to create a sequel or delve into more detail with a follow-up video. Some ideas:

  • Host a live stream or chat with the video creator or others involved in making it. Like the Director’s Commentary version of a film, it’s perfect for super fans.

  • Use comments and questions as a guide to develop an updated piece. This could include some of the same video footage or other elements of the first video.

Transcribe It

There are several services that enable quick and inexpensive transcriptions that turn any discussion, interview, product explanation, or other speech into text that can be used in a variety of ways. Turn a transcribed conversation into a ready-made blog post promoted on social media, or use excerpts as quotes to feature in social posts and gifs that drive traffic to that video content. Of course, quotes and shorter video segments can be transcribed manually, too!

Re-Promote It

Video content is often promoted on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for a week or so when it’s initially published. Soon, brands and marketers are off to the next video, forgetting the last one when they could be building momentum for it just as it gains steam.

By extending promotion and distribution periods for “older” pieces, brands can tap into wider audiences and increase the overall engagement for their content. And, by resurfacing and re-promoting the most successful videos, they can build on those previous performance levels.

Add New Tags

Sometimes something as simple as evaluating original video titles, tags and descriptions can make a big difference. By researching what keywords and searches drove viewers to a video, marketers can discover new and perhaps better tags or terms to include in updated titles and descriptions to boost views.

Creating great videos takes time, money, or both-- but it is worth it for the unparalleled engagement and audience connection that video can deliver. Make your investment go as far as possible by repurposing your video content into multiple uses. Try these tips to extend the life of your video content and maximize the value of your efforts.

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