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Updated: Jul 26, 2020

By Alex Mitchell, CPO - August 26, 2019

It’s All About The Audience

Just recently, Netflix reported its first EVER decline in paid subscribers in the US.  While they are still the biggest streaming provider (by far), the glory days may be behind the behemoth.  Streaming competitors are chipping away at Netflix’s growth with innovative offerings, unique content, and highly targeted approaches to niche audiences. 

It’s been almost 2 months since I last shared an update, so buckle in, we’ve got a lot to share. As always, there is much more coming very soon!

Major Updates:

1. Audience Reports and Audience Segments (BETA)

  • Are you trying to reach a particular audience segment or customer persona?  

  • Don’t you wish you could learn everything about that target, to reach them as effectively as possible?

  • Enter Audience Reports. Simply define the demographics and interests of the Audience Segment you’re trying to reach and we’ll show you how big the group is, their watching behaviors, their income, and much, much more!

  • We’ll highlight some of the recent popular videos this group is watching and what creators they’ve subscribed to.  

  • You have everything you need in one place to deeply understand your target audience and reach them efficiently and effectively.

2. Analyze Audiences on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (Live in product!)

  • Our Analytics and Data Science teams have been analyzing data from these 4 platforms for quite a while now and we’ve recently launched the ability to request automatic audience analyses (say that 3 times fast!) for these platforms directly in our product.

  • A quick example: Do you want to analyze Land Rover’s audience across all 4 social platforms?  A few clicks later and we’ll automatically pull the latest data on Land Rover, analyze it, and visualize the key insights for you.

3. Trend Scores + Gender Breakdowns

  • In May, I first wrote about the new Trending Content feature.  We’ve added quite a few features since then that we think you’ll be excited about:

  • Trend Status:  How can you make sure you’re on the right side of a trend and aren’t producing content that’s been overplayed and oversaturated?  

  • Click on “View by” and then “Trend Score” to see a breakdown of new, rising, stable, and falling trends.

  • Trend Scores: Let ICX Media do the hard work of comparing and analyzing views, engagement rate, trend direction and more.  All you need to know is a higher score = a higher quality and a higher value trend.

  • Gender Breakdown: Click on the “Compare Gender” checkbox with any subtopic trend group and instantly see what trends are Mostly Male, Mostly Female, and Balanced between both genders.

4. Reports

  • Believe it or not, there are 3 different places you can currently create reports in the ICX product: Audiences, Content, and Analytics. 

  • We built the “Reports” feature (top right corner of your app) as the easy place to find all of your reports, regardless of who on your team (or on the ICX Media client services team) created them.

  • In the Reports feature, you’ll also find a Custom Reports section.  No need to search through your email for that analysis we shared with you, it will all be in your Reports tab.  

  • Plus, if you do any additional analysis on your own, you can upload files there too.

5. Content Analytics (Coming Soon!) It isn’t often that we preview a feature still in progress, but we’re really excited about Content Analytics!

  • Content Analytics will provide you one unified view of the performance of a piece of content, a group of related content (ex. a show or a series), regardless of what social platforms it was posted on, how it was named, or the ad dollars spent to promote it.

  • Example: Want to know if one of your content series is more effective than another on a cost per view basis?  We can answer that.

  • Want to know the retention rate for your various content verticals cross-platform with just a click or two? We can answer that.

  • If you’re interested in learning more about Content Analytics, we’d love to do a demo with you.  Just reach out to us at  

I hope you enjoyed hearing about (just a few of) the things we’re working on these days at ICX.   We promise we’ll keep the updates coming your way if you keep the feedback coming our way!

  • What do you love about the ICX Media product?  

  • What should we make easier, better, faster? 

  • We thrive on customer feedback, and it is a serious contributor to deciding what we build next.

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