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By Alex Mitchell, CPO - November 05, 2018

The last time I wrote, our team had just released our updated dashboard, a light and fresh design, and two new features: Explore + Campaigns.  

Most teams would sit back and admire their work, but not the ICX Media engineering team!  They’ve been pushing harder than ever to improve the features we’ve shipped and add extra functionality for you.

With that, let’s check out a few of the bigger updates that have shipped since my last post.

Major Updates:

  • Discover - Audience Intelligence

  • Search: Search over 400 Audience Intelligence Reports quickly and easily by name or topic

  • Demographic Search: Have a particular demographic or audience in mind? Enter those details (gender, topic interests, and more) to find brands, topics, and creators that overlap strongly with that specific group.

  • New Audience Analysis: Is there a particular channel on YouTube you’d like to understand the audience of better? You can now start your own audience analysis on any of the over 500 million channels on YouTube!

  • Audience Demographics Dashboard Card

  • ICX Media now helps you understand your audience across social video better than ever before.

  • See the gender breakdown, age distribution, and domestic/international location density of your audience.

  • Easily transition from analyzing your own audience to the Discover feature to understand the audience of competitors (Enterprise only)

  • Export Dashboard to PDF

  • Creating a PDF report of your dashboard is now live

  • Simply select the platforms, channels, and timeframe, then click “Export” to generate a shareable PDF

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly email reporting coming soon

  • Recommendations Are Faster Than Ever Before

  • Regardless of the size of your social video presence (even if you have 1,000’s of videos), your ICX Media video recommendations will load in less than 5 seconds

  • This was not an easy technical challenge, but the engineers at ICX Media pulled it off and you benefit from their hard work!

I hope you enjoyed hearing about (just a few of) the things we’re working on these days at ICX Media.  

We promise we’ll keep the updates coming your way if you keep the feedback coming our way!

  • What do you love about the ICX Media product?  

  • What should we make easier, better, faster?

  • We thrive on customer feedback and it is a serious contributor to deciding what we build next.

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