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By Alex Mitchell, CPO - October 03, 2018

It’s hard to believe that it’s been only 3 weeks since I last wrote!  

We have a lot to share: the teams have been moving faster than ever.  They’ve shipped a major design update, several new features, and also managed to devote time to dramatic performance improvements.

It’s been a fun time to be at ICX Media.  But enough reflection, let’s get to the details!

Major Updates:

1. The New ICX Cross-Platform Dashboard is Live

  • Welcome to the future of ICX Media!  Our new cross-platform dashboard provides access to data from all 5 major social video platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Vimeo)

  • Mix and match platforms and channels to instantly understand how you’re performing on one, several, or all of your channel and platform properties

  • See how many video and channel level recommendations you have at a glance

  • Enterprise Only: See top 3 creators (personalized for you) right on the dashboard. Click on their picture or name to learn more or click on the header to see more great creators, personalized for you

2. Light, Bright, and Easy!

  • In my last post, I told you to keep an eye out for a lighter, brighter, and simpler design and it’s here!

  • Paired with our feature reorganization, we hope our new design makes ICX Media quicker, easier, and simpler for you to use

  • What can we make even better with the design? Let us know!

3. Enterprise Only: Explore - Intelligent Audience Insights on Over 200 Topics, Brands, and People

  • As an Enterprise customer, you now have the power to see intelligent audience insights on any topic or subtopic on YouTube (ex. Beauty, Gaming)

  • Additionally, we’ve added over 100 intelligence reports for brands and influencers to Explore and have plans to add 100’s more in the near future

  • Stay tuned for big updates to Explore in the very near future!  Hint: Comparisons and Analysis for any YouTube channel are on the horizon 

4. Campaigns and Gigs: Easier than Ever to Work with a Creator or Get Hired!

  • Both creator and enterprises users should notice a new tab up in the navigation.  For Enterprises, it’s “Campaigns” and for creators, it’s “Gigs”

  • Now, when companies find a creator they like on ICX Media, all it takes is 1 click to save them to a “Campaign”

  • Once there, companies can invite a creator to participate in a campaign

  • No matter how big or how small, ICX Media’s campaign tool can support the communication and asset exchange between creators and companies, ensuring a successful campaign

I hope you enjoyed hearing about (just a few of) the things we’re working on these days at ICX Media.  

We promise we’ll keep the updates coming your way if you keep the feedback coming our way!

  • What do you love about the ICX Media product?  

  • What should we make easier, better, faster?

We thrive on customer feedback and it is a serious contributor to deciding what we build next.

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