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By Alex Mitchell, CPO - February 04, 2019

Acceleration in the New Year!

For much of D.C. (looking at our Government friends), it has been a slow start to the year. However, the ICX Media Engineering team has been completely immune from this slowdown, posting all-time records for features shipped in each of the first 3 weeks of the year!! All that pent up holiday energy has been released and you, our customers, benefit! Here is a (small) sample of what has gone live since I last wrote and, I promise, there is much more coming very soon!

Major Updates

1. Discover - Audience Intelligence (Enterprise Feature)

  • Search: Our audience intelligence database has grown to over 600 reports! Better yet, we’re in hyper-scaling mode and plan to reach several thousand reports (including all major brands, creators, and topics) by the end of March.

  • Compare up to 10 Reports: Would you like to learn which car brand has the strongest affinity with music? Or are you more interested in seeing which of your competitors has the strongest audience in a particular sub-topic? Those questions (and millions more) are just a few clicks away in Discover. You can now select up to 10 reports, compare them to each other, and save a report to return to or share later.

  • Custom Audience Request: See a brand, creator, or channel on YouTube that you’d like to learn more about? You can now request a custom audience intelligence report in the product and have that report within 48 hours! Just click on the search icon in the top right of the Discover homepage to get started.

  • Export: Hover over any chart in Discover, you now have the option to export the data as a CSV, the image as a PNG or PDF. 

2. Creator Search (Enterprise Feature)

  • Search by Location: Looking for a creator or influencer in a specific geographic area? Simply select “location” from the creator search dropdown and enter the location or locations where you’d like to find creators.

  • Improved Search Experience: Thank you for all of the feedback! We’ve made our creator search 2x faster to use and much more intuitive. Just click into the form, start typing, and we’ll do the rest.

  • Engagement Rate Added to Results: It’s easier than ever to find the perfect creator now that we’ve added Engagement Rate to the results screen. No need to click through to a profile to see the level of engagement of a particular creator!

  • Filters: You can now filter creator search results by the number of videos a creator has produced. Additionally, we’ve added a “Brand Safety” filter that lets you easily filter out creators who have used adult-themed tags in their video content. More filters and sorts are on the way soon! 

3. Campaigns Improvements (Enterprise Feature)

  • Campaign Stats: After you find the perfect creators using our new search and filter options, make sure to save them to a Campaign! On your campaigns page, you’ll notice several new features, making it even easier to manage influencers or creators for a particular campaign.

4. Teams (Enterprise Feature)

  • Add Team Members to Your Account: In the top right of the ICX Media app, you’ll find a new feature called “Manage Team”. Simply add the emails of your teammates and click send. Before you know it, you’ll all be managing your Social Video Data, Recommendations, Discover, and Creator Search together!

  • Manage Access Levels: Our new team member feature offers Admin and User access levels. Admins can invite (and remove) team members, while Users cannot access team management.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about (just a few of) the things we’re working on these days at ICX Media. We promise we’ll keep the updates coming your way if you keep the feedback coming our way!

  • What do you love about the ICX Media product?

  • What should we make easier, better, faster?

  • We thrive on customer feedback, and it is a serious contributor to deciding what we build next.

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