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By Alex Mitchell, CPO - September 04, 2018

It’s been a very busy past few months at ICX Media! We made our first acquisition, we hired some great talent to join the ICX team, and we’ve grown our Product and Engineering team (including yours truly!).   We’re pushing towards our goal of delivering Data Inspired Storytelling faster and more focused than ever before. With all of the progress and growth across the company, I’m excited to share the first post in what will become a regular Product update series. With these updates, I’ll show you the hard work happening behind the scenes to improve existing product features and deliver new ones. We also hope to hear your feedback here on what we should build next!  

  • What do you love about the ICX Media product?  

  • What should we make easier, better, faster?

  • We thrive on customer feedback and it is a serious contributor to deciding what we build next.

Introduction aside, let’s get into it: here is what is happening at ICX Media on the Product and Dev. teams right now! Major Updates: 1. New Creator Dashboard Shipped:

  • You may have noticed a new creator dashboard if you logged into your ICX Media account in the past week or so.  We’ve brought a lot of additional functionality to the creator dashboard, including audience demographics (age, gender, and location), sentiments, and audience topic interests.

  • We hope this makes it even easier to know, grow, and engage with your audience!  

  • This is just our first step on upgrading your dashboard, so please keep checking your account for new data and insights that we’re adding!

2. More Intuitive Layout of Features and our App:

  • We’ve heard your feedback loud and clear! It wasn’t easy to locate some of our features and you want to learn more about them.

  • Based on your direct feedback (and many hours of Google Hangout prototype testing by our designer, Laura), we’ve reorganized our application, grouping similar features together, adding a FAQ, and more!

  • We hope this makes it much easier to use our product and to learn about features as we continue to add and improve them in the coming weeks.  

  • Also, keep an eye out for a coming style redesign that “lightens” things up a little bit!

3. Getting Started is Easier than Ever Before

  1. We’ve launched a new onboarding flow that not only looks better, but helps you connect your social accounts, share a little bit about yourself, and get started faster than ever before

  2. Once you complete the brief onboarding, you’ll have all the basics taken care of and you’ll be able to leverage the full power of ICX Media.  

From your cross-platform dashboard, to your personalized video and channel recommendations, to ranking highly in creator search results, all it takes now is a few onboarding answers!

I hope you enjoyed hearing about (just a few of) the things we’re working on these days at ICX Media.  We promise we’ll keep the updates coming your way if you keep the feedback coming our way!

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