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Exploring Trends: Korean Wave

By ICX Media - August 05, 2019

Out of the 2,027 trends ICX Media collected last month, Korean Wave has been one of the top trends. Korean wave is the overall growth and spread of South Korean pop culture -- especially music-- to global audiences. The largest indicator of this growth has been the rise of K-pop.  A recent music video from K-pop group BLACKPINK  just topped 900 million views on YouTube after headlining the Coachella festival. K-pop boy band BTS appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The Korean groups are permeating American pop culture. Here's how the trend is appearing in our data. 

Ranked 203th overall with an ICX trend score of 30.5, Korean Wave is a stable trend that generated 51K views, 174 comments and 4K likes on average. Using these values ICX Media has conducted an engagement rate of 8.2%, making Korean Wave a highly engaging trend with a mostly female audience. Making up 4.36% of all music content, Korean Wave is a undersaturated trend, which may make it a good topic to make content about. Below is a graphic on how the trend compares to others in its category.

ICX Media extracts keyphrases found within the text of video descriptions, titles, and comments by looking for specific part-of-speech patterns. By analyzing those phrases ICX determines a keyphrase’s trendiness by giving it a Trend Score. ICX Media uses saturation, engagement and their change over time in order to calculate each trend score. So what makes a good trend? Newness: Will most people have heard of it already? ICX Media gathers YouTube data monthly, archiving those statistics to use for comparison. By analyzing performance over a period of time ICX can determine whether a trend is new, stable, rising or falling. Nicheness: How big is the audience of this topic? ICX Media directly compares how frequently a trend appears across similar videos on youtube in order to gauge its saturation within a video category. Liveliness: How engaging is the trend? ICX Media uses views, comments, and likes to calculate a trend’s engagement score. The higher the score, the more active the viewers are. In addition to trend analysis, ICX Media can help guide your content in the right direction by providing audience intelligence, content insights, video performance optimization, and deep channel analytics.

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