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By Michael Avon, CEO & Founder - September 06, 2018

Today, we are announcing several exciting new additions to our leadership team at ICX Media.  Since the beginning of 2018, we have focused on building out our go-to-market teams, while enhancing our product and tech capabilities.  Earlier this year, we announced the hiring of our President and COO, Scott Bowen, who joined ICX Media to oversee all operations, product, sales and marketing functions across the company. In April, we announced the opening of our LA Office to better serve our media and entertainment clients.  Then in June, we announced our first acquisition bringing the fantastic SEEN team to ICX Media.  Today, we are excited to announce three more additions to the ICX Media leadership team.

Parbinder Dhariwal recently joined ICX Media as SVP of Sales and Business Development, serving as our first national sales leader. Parbinder joins ICX Media after serving as Global Head of Accounts at Spotify for the past few years. At Spotify, Parbinder sold a data-driven, music-focused advertising offering to leading brands and agencies that was, in many ways, analogous to ICX Media’s video-focused solutions for brands.  Prior to Spotify, Parbinder served as CRO at Softonic, a consumer software download portal and, before that, served in a variety of roles at CBS Interactive. With this impressive background, we are not at all surprised that Parbinder has hit the ground running in his sales leadership role at ICX Media. Parbinder is based out of our New York Office and serves clients in NYC and across the country.

Alex Mitchell joined ICX Media this summer as Chief Product Officer, and I can’t tell you how thrilled we were to bring him to our team.  Prior to joining us, Alex was a product leader at Upside Travel, a leading travel site for businesses. Before Upside, Alex had spent a number of years working with Scott Bowen at VistaPrint Digital, where he managed the Websites Product and Identity Product Family. Alex is a well-respected product leader in the Washington-DC area with an incredible intellect and work ethic and an intense passion for what we are building at ICX Media.  

Finally, we were very excited to promote Daniel Jolicoeur to CTO earlier this summer. Daniel was our first hire at ICX Media and had been the de facto Chief Architect on our technology and engineering team from the earliest days of the company. A number of us had worked with Daniel at Millennial Media where he was a highly respected technology leader.  In between Millennial and ICX, Daniel was Technical Lead at Vital Labs, a healthcare platform for patients and clinical care providers based in the Bay Area. Daniel is recognized as a leader in the DC-area technology community with a strong focus on data architecture, machine learning, and enterprise software.

With these additions to our leadership team, we are poised for continued growth here at ICX Media.  We continue to be intensely focused on our go-to-market efforts as we attract new brands, agencies, and media & entertainment companies to join the nearly one million independent video creators on the ICX Media  platform today. Daniel, Alex, and Parbinder will help us continue our mission to bring technology and data science to video storytellers of all types, enabling what we call Data Inspired Storytelling.  Welcome aboard Daniel, Parbinder, and Alex!

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