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Understand your audience.

Uncover deep and relevant audience data to hook new advertisers. Demonstrate how your social audience overlaps with prospective advertisers’ target demographic… powerful stuff.

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Uncover content and audience opportunities.

Cut through the clutter and discover unfulfilled content opportunities and underserved audience segments before anyone else.

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Discover untapped talent.

Data-informed search results surface highly relevant talent from our network of more than 1 million independent video creators. Find your diamond in the rough.


Compare content performance.

Measure and aggregate video performance metrics across all your social platforms from a single tool. Understand what your engaged audience is watching on social.

How are we different?


Deeper audience insights

including interests and sentiment across 5 major social networks.


Intelligent creator matches

that fit your audience profile or the profile of an audience you’d like to target.


Predictive recommendations

across video content, metadata, and distribution strategies, tailored to your business needs.


Highly-precise metrics

derived for income level, ethnicity and education. Better metrics drive better ROI on video investment.

Ready to find the next big thing?

Whether it’s the perfect demographic match for a prospective sponsor, the funniest undiscovered talent on YouTube, or the content sweet spot your competition hasn’t found... ICX Media can help you find the next big thing.

With ICX Media, you’ll gain self-service access to:

  • A network of nearly 1 million independent video creators. From filmmaking pros, to digital stars, to up-and-comers; we use data as the discovery mechanism to pinpoint the best creative partners for you.
  • Rich data about your existing content and audience, including behavior and sentiment.
  • Tangible recommendations for how to refine and optimize your video creative and audience targeting.

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