The video landscape is shifting dramatically as consumers increasingly move away from traditional cable and broadcast television toward social video, digital streaming services, and CTV. This new video economy has resulted in radical changes in the way that video content is created, distributed, measured, and monetized. Today’s consumer has many choices about where to consume video content and what type of content they choose to consume. Many media & entertainment companies and brands have struggled to keep up with the changing landscape to effectively capture the attention of their target audiences.

As media consumption patterns continue this dramatic shift, scores of companies have launched streaming services and legacy media and entertainment companies are adapting to this new paradigm. Media companies are removing the middleman and going direct to consumer. And with that direct relationship comes a wealth of first-party data about viewers.

This revolution has also necessitated a renaissance in marketing and advertising strategies for consumer-oriented brands. In order to maintain customer attention, brands are expected to be entertainers. Digital leaders are using video to rise to the top and social channels are prioritizing engaging videos. Marketers without a smart video strategy are quickly falling behind.

In a world where video consumption, engagement, and reach ever-increasing, we are constantly providing insights about ourselves through the video content that we consume.

We continue to evolve into a world where YOU ARE WHAT YOU WATCH

The new video economy is very complex. Audiences insights are crucial to success. 

As Media and Entertainment companies strive to better understand how consumers interact and engage with video content, the data generated from viewership becomes invaluable. ICX Media believes that unlocking meaningful audience data can inform more effective go-forward decisions on video content creation and distribution for leading-edge media companies.

Additionally, understanding how target consumers interact and engage with video content can help brands inform a superior creative brief for their digital video marketing campaigns.