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Create more engaging videos

Know and grow your audience

Our ActiveInsights™ tool is designed to grow with you. Discover hidden interests, unlikely fans, or untapped content opportunities to delight your audience. Implement our recommendations for every new video you create. The more you know, the more you can grow.

Manage multiple platforms 

Create, optimize, publish, and measure posts from one dashboard. Manage YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Vimeo accounts all in one spot.

Make yourself available

Become listed among our network of independent video creators to land new video deals.

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Cold feet?

Let's Warm Those Puppies Up.

Data is a scary subject these days.

We believe that your social profiles are your personal property.
As a company made up of people like you, with similar concerns about our own privacy, we want you to know why we're requesting access to your social accounts.

The social platforms require your permission in order for us to access your video performance data.
We will use that data to provide you video analytics, audience insights, and useful recommendations.
We will never: view your personal data, provide your personal data to anyone else, post anything without your permission.


What social channels can I post to from the dashboard?

YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & LinkedIn

Do you own my content?

Nope. It’s all yours.

If I land a gig on your platform, are you going to try and take a cut of my revenue?

Nope. Brands pay to gain access to our creators, so we do not take a cut out of creator's deals.

What are you doing to keep my content and password safe?

Since we don’t host your content, your content is as secure as the platform where you post it. And we do not ever have access to any of your passwords. Remember to change those passwords up every once in a while, maybe stick a couple weird characters in there… like a this ~ or a this {}.

What do you do with my data?

Your data is pulled every 24 hours to give you up to date information about your videos. We consolidate all your data from across all linked accounts and allow you to access and track it in a single place. Additionally, we use it to make you searchable for sponsored content opportunities.

Will ICX Media post for me?

No. We’re very busy over here, we have our own channels to fill. We’re not going to fill yours for you. That’s up to you. Also, per our agreement with the social channels, we couldn’t if we wanted.

Says here you want access to my Google drive. I don’t know about all that...

We will only have access to the video files in your Google drive so that you can upload and distribute them via social.

Says here “ICX Media would like to post to Facebook for you,” I don’t know about all that either…

This action gives us permission to access your Facebook data and display it in your ICX dashboard. Additionally, it allows you to make Facebook posts directly from your ICX dashboard. We will never post anything without you writing and posting it yourself.

I signed up and I don’t see any analytics here…

The more data you have, the longer it takes. Keep checking your dashboard.