Insights to drive video content creation, licensing, and packaging

content insights

Audience Intelligence

Understand which content best engages specific segments of your audience or subscribers.

Topic Intelligence

Understand where there may be an overabundance of content as well as where there may be white space opportunities.

Actionable Recommendations

Understand content opportunities and how to tailor your existing content strategy.

Video Optimizations

Metadata and tagging recommendations to optimize content discoverability and performance.

Tailor your content to your audience’s interests

Identify the topic themes surrounding the videos your target audience is watching.

Find the related topics to their viewing habits to see what else they're interested in.

Measure their sentiment across topics to learn what's grabbing and keeping their attention.

Build a targeted digital video strategy based on the interests of your audience.

Understand trending topics in digital video to identify the right approach for your audience

Compare the popularity of topics and sub-topics across specific target audiences by demographic, location, interest or other parameters.

Analyze topic changes and trends.

Identify audience overlap between topics.

Index your audience against key topics.

Know what video content you should be creating

Get a full assessment of your current video balance to benchmark current performance.

Understand your performance to see what videos you should be making more of and what you can deprioritize.

Predict the projected reach and engagement of your targeted digital video strategy.

See what optimizations need to be made to improve your video strategy.