ICX Media is seeking a Data Scientist, please see below qualifications. At ICX Media you will enjoy: 
  • Dedicated and knowledgeable peers
  • Working with cutting-edge technology
  • Interactive learning environment
  • Create and implement repeatable solutions in Advanced Analytics, Cognitive Computing and Machine Learning;
    • Using Data, Math, Stats and Machine learning for detection and estimation of useful features from raw digital data and derive key insights across projects.
  •  Find meaning in multiple imperfect, mixed, varied, and inconsistent data sets;
    • Using NLP (Natural language processing) to process data in human language form.
  • Analyze data from social marketing, distribution and monetization sites; 
    • Mining, analysis, visualization and modelling of video, post and consumer data from social media platforms.

  • Build models from their analysis of the data ingestion engine to solve issues related to, but not limited:
    _ Profile linking
    _ Audience Recognition
    _ Audience Building
    _ Content Matching
    _ Creator Rankings
    _ Sentiment Recommendation
    _ Tag Insights
    • Researching, building and developing statistical machine learning models and recommendation systems
    • Developing creator, content and consumer graphs and networks for analysis
  • Write syntax that translate models into programmatic algorithms; 
    • Prototyping and developing algorithms for data science product solutions using apache spark and python.
  • Collaborate and build with Software Engineers to allow the ICX Media application to leverage the algorithm; 
    • Collaborating with product management and engineering department to understand company needs and devise possible solutions.
  • Build programs that help drive toward ICX Media's mission to empower creators
    • Processing, analyzing and building analytical and predictive classification models on data related to audio, speech, video, image, text and number values.


  • Knowledge of, and academic or employment experience with, audio signal processing and machine intelligence (such as computer speech processing).

  • Academic or employment experience with data collection and analysis of content across various social media platforms, including utilizing the following skills:
    • Data Crawling;
    • Data cleaning Techniques;
    • Graphs and Networks;
    • Building Machine Learning Regression Models;
    • Collaborative Filtering;
    • Knowledge of social media data;
    • Data analysis.
  • Telecommuting permitted.


  • Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering or a closely related field.

To apply for this position, please forward your resume and cover letter by email to career@icxmedia.com. No telephone calls, please.

Please reference the position you’re applying for in the subject.

ICX Media, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.