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Deep audience insights, including interests and sentiment, to inform creative strategy and distribution tactics for new videos . AI-powered search from our network of more than 1 million video creators can help you reach your audience with brilliant campaigns.

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Implement customized, predictive recommendations designed to optimize your social video performance and inform future video creative. Recommendations are based on AI-analysis of your videos and your peers’ videos over time.

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Measure and aggregate video performance metrics across 5 major social video networks from a single dashboard. Receive custom reporting against industry and peer benchmarks.

Why work with ICX Media?


Deeper audience insights

including interests and sentiment across 5 major social networks.


Intelligent creator matches

that fit your audience profile or the profile of an audience you’d like to target.


Predictive recommendations

across video content, metadata, and distribution strategies, tailored to your business needs.


Highly-precise metrics

derived for income level, ethnicity and education. Better metrics drive better ROI on video investment.


Ready or not

Video is the key to the future of social

Just as the technology to create has become more widely available, so too has the means of distribution. Social platforms are now allowing brands and individuals to broadcast their own content. But with the capability comes the expectation, so now is the time for brands to get on board. This guide is designed to help you direct your efforts where they can find the most effective return.

Here are all the reasons that you should steer your team towards video as the centerpiece of this year’s social strategy. Plus the stats you’ll need to convince them.

So, go on. Lead fearlessly you bold marketer!

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Ready to Discover Your Story?

The competition for compelling video content is tighter than ever. Brands are expected to be entertainers on multiple channels. ICX Media can help you make smart investments with your time and money by providing data-backed confidence in your video creative and distribution decisions.

With ICX Media, you’ll gain self-service access to:

  • Rich data about your existing content and audience, including interests and sentiment.
  • Discovery of competitor and peer audiences, including ability to identify white space opportunities.
  • A network of more than 1 million independent video creators, from social influencers to video pros, to help you create and scale your data-inspired videos.

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