You are what you watch

Audience insights through digital video analysis

ICX Media has spent years analyzing billions of digital video interactions. We've leveraged these unique observation points to create a data service that can help you understand what content topics are engaging a particular audience segment you may be trying to reach, acquire, & retain.

what's your audience watching?

Understand the viewing habits of your target audience or subscribers

Our system is constantly crawling the world’s largest digital video platforms to give you insights into what engages your audience, and we can do the same for your owned-and-operated platforms

Identify the interests of any unique audience segment to understand what they are viewing and engaging with.


Understand how content is resonating with your target audience or subscribers

Proprietary data science can reveal how audiences feel about specific topics, creators, and brands.

See how topics resonate with your audience and their positive or negative sentiments to each.

WHo is your audience?

Use advanced data science to learn who your audience is

Understand the demographic breakdown for your owned audience

Applying our machine learning capabilities to your audience’s viewership behavior can reveal valuable patterns in how specific demographic segments interact with your content.