Solutions for Agencies

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Discover brand-right creators

AI-assisted search lets you find exactly the right talent for your client’s programs from among our network of nearly 1 million independent video creators, no matter how niche. Turnkey tools make program execution a breeze.

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Lead your clients with confidence

Deep audience insights, including behavior and sentiment, from across social platforms allow you to understand what else your client’s engaged audience is watching on social. Machine learning provides tips to make your videos more engaging.

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Manage multiple channels

Streamlined video analytics across social channels. Create, optimize, publish and measure posts from one dashboard. Manage YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Vimeo accounts all in one spot.


What makes us different?

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Machine learning

Our AI platform provides actionable recommendations and a data-informed creator search, so you can make better decisions the first time around. Plus, it learns with you as you grow.

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Brand safety

You’re in control of influencer selection and creative process from start to finish. You get to make sure that your client’s reputation is protected every step of the way.

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Turnkey tools

Whip up influencer contracts and execute program workflow right through to transaction. Create private marketplaces where your team can collaborate and stay organized.

Ready to get ahead of the curve?

The demand for compelling video content is higher than ever and you’re not gaining any additional hours in the day. Whether you’re looking for existing content to purchase, perfect video influencers for your next campaign, or the data to showcase big wins to your clients... ICX Media can help you get ahead of the curve.

With an ICX subscription, you’ll gain self-service access to:

  • A network of nearly 1 million independent video creators. From filmmaking pros, to digital stars, to up-and-comers; we use data as the discovery mechanism to pinpoint the best creative partners for you.
  • Direct connection to video creators, no middleman, so you can control brand safety, creative vision, and budgets.
  • Rich data about your client’s existing content and audience, including behavior and sentiment.
  • Tangible recommendations for future content so you can refine and optimize your creative, audience targeting, and distribution strategy.

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