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If you’re only listening, you’re not really part of the conversation

We are data freaks, connoisseurs of social chatter, and fans of cultural affiliations. We are an intelligence, analytics, and activation partner committed to helping brands, agencies, and media companies stand out and deliver amazing data-informed content. We provide relevant experiences to the right audience segment by effectively closing the data and activation gaps between brands and their customers, digital content and its consumers, decision makers and their constituents.


Shaping the way we use data to understand and reach the hearts of people today


When leading film, music and broadcast networks want to talk to people and be certain they would listen

ICX Media boasts a team of industry veterans who merge human and artificial intelligence to navigate the vast data-verse that connects video creators and video consumers across every platform to deliver audience intelligence, predictive content analytics, ready-to-license audiences based on Rich Profiles and high-performance audience activation plans.

Our team is based in Washington, DC.


but works everywhere digital audiences hang out.

The world today is radically different than the world we knew just years ago. 


The changes to people’s lifestyles mean that people spend more time connecting to the outside world through their screens: web, mobile, gaming consoles, smart TVs, Video, OTT, even linear TV.


In some ways, we’ve entered an extreme digital age populated by an almost exclusively digital audience.


Video advertising, video content, digital participation, and digital product offerings by brands, content creators, and policymakers have all skyrocketed.


It has become increasingly difficult to clearly identify audiences, understand their shifting needs, segment them in meaningful ways, and then form deeper connections with them.


Players in the digital spaces are starting to feel like they have stumbled upon a billion-people party and they are ill-equipped to find the right groups, analyze them properly and rally them around their brands.

Our Mission

We are your on-demand intelligence and deployment partner

ICX Media merges human and artificial intelligence to break vast audiences worldwide into richly nuanced profiles - then facilitates high-performance targeting of each segment across all digital screens. 

We help you fix the “great product - poor engagement” problem

Leading consumer brands, digital content providers, and decision-makers all suffer from huge gaps in the loop that collects, analyzes, organizes, and acts on the data that connects their audience with what they have to say. It could be a new blockbuster, a political agenda, or a “stop the SPRD” PSA for Covid-19.

We close the data and activation gaps

We rely on modeled as well as AI-driven deep content analytics and natural language processing to detect nuances in mood and intent in your customers’ content subscriptions, reactions, comments, and likes and dislikes across multiple social and content platforms. We arrange all this data in Rich Profiles that provide actionable insights into what matters most to every one of your audience groups, in the places where they spend the most time and money.

Great engagement, spectacular results

At the end of the day it’s not about data but about results. With privacy-compliant data from over 300 million consumers across practically every viewing and listening platform, our ready-to-license Rich Profiles come with a granular action-plan that includes ready-to-deploy media buys, story-driven communication strategies for growth, and co-branding opportunities that are proven to work in the hyper-digital streaming economy of today.

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