Data Inspired Storytelling

Data Inspired Storytelling
To make your videos more engaging.


Intelligent tools

ICX Media Solutions

We're AI at the core. Our machine is constantly learning from your videos and the videos of your peers.

Our insights and recommendations keep you ahead of the trends.  Our creator network helps you set new ones.


ICX ActiveInsights™

Understand your audience, discover new audiences, and optimize your video performance across social platforms with actionable recommendations in a single dashboard.

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Quickly scale your content creation by accessing perfect matches from a network of nearly 1 million video producers. Plus, turnkey tools to make the contract and transaction process a breeze.

What makes us different?

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Deep audience insights

Discover hidden interests, unlikely fans, or untapped content opportunities to delight your audience. See what else your engaged audience is watching.

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Actionable optimization recommendations

Implement our recommendations for every new video you create and watch your channels grow. Measure and aggregate video performance metrics across all your social platforms from a single tool.

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Turnkey content creation

It’s not enough to know what videos you should make, you also have to get them made. That's where our collaborative workflow platform comes into play.


Single dashboard

Streamlined video analytics across social channels including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Vimeo accounts.


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Trying to scale your brand’s video strategy, measure and extend audience reach on social, and keep your team organized in one place?

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Media or entertainment company

Want to know what else engages your audience online, better understand whitespace opportunities, and have access to emerging creator talent all through a single platform?

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Looking to keep your clients ahead of the trends, provide compelling data to support your creative direction, or find brand-right influencer talent for your client’s campaigns?

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Are you a video creator looking to learn more about your audience, grow your social following, and land more deals?

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Ready or not

Video is the key to the future of social

Just as the technology to create has become more widely available, so too has the means of distribution. Social platforms are now allowing brands and individuals to broadcast their own content. But with the capability comes the expectation, so now is the time for brands to get on board. This guide is designed to help you direct your efforts where they can find the most effective return.

Here are all the reasons that you should steer your team towards video as the centerpiece of this year’s social strategy. Plus the stats you’ll need to convince them.

So, go on. Lead fearlessly you bold marketer!

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Here's what people are saying


Jim Mollica

Head of Global Consumer Engagement & Digital Marketing, Under Armour

"The ICX Media platform helps marketers like me discover the video trends and themes that resonate with specific audiences - and pairs them up with videographers and filmmakers to turn data-backed story ideas into content that drives business performance. This platform goes beyond analytics and actually helps you become a more effective storyteller."



ICX Media was named among Techweek's 2017 Rising Startups

Ghetto Film School

Award-winning Nonprofit

"ICX Media has given our students a competitive advantage through cutting-edge software and has even connected them to some amazing paid opportunities!”

Erin & Craig

Creators of "Living in Las Vegas" YouTube

"One of the struggles when we first started our channel was how do we connect with more people? ICX Media provided a platform for us to be able to fine-tune our channel so that we can get the right tags in there, the right descriptions, and they give us recommendations on how to get more subscribers."


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